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Name:Paxton Dayne Carlyle
Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Paxton Dayne Carlyle was adopted as an infant and never who birth parents were, not never had a desire to find them. He was born to a mother from New York, who came to London to have him and never had plans to return to the USA with her son. Paxton grew up as a child in London, and although his adoptive parents wanted him when he was a baby, their marriage turned sour when domestic violence started to creep into the relationship. When Paxton was nine years old, his father dragged him and his mother into the car to terrify her because she wouldn't sleep with him. He watched them having a screaming argument in the front of the car, and when his father took his eyes off the road, he caused a head-on collision, killing both himself and Paxton's mother in the crash.

Paxton was hurt in the crash and spent a couple of months in the hospital. His best friend, Liam Morgan, whom he grew up two doors down from his whole life up to the death of his parents, was brought in by his parents to visit every couple of days. He still didn't know how he made it through things back then, but thankfully has amnesia surrounding the car crash and doesn't remember the terrible argument that lead to it. There had been discussions that the Morgans might take him in, however as a family of a low income and a full house of their own already, they were unable to financially take in another child.

Paxton was taken in by a beautiful couple in Surrey, and the grandparents of Carlyle. They had legally adopted Zander after the death of his parents, also by a car crash. They were the same age, and became close quickly. When Zander's grandparents decided to make their fostering of Paxton official and adopt him also, they became brothers. Paxton never lost touch with Liam either. Because Mrs and Mrs Carlye didn't want to disrupt Paxton's life anymore than they had to, Mr Carlye would continue to drive Paxton half an hour each morning to stay at the same school with Liam. When high school came, they wanted Paxton to go to a private school as they had the money to afford it. Liam scored a scholarship for the same school, so they were never separated until Liam was accepted into Medical School in New York.

Paxton and Liam lost their virginity to each other when they were fifteen. The Liam who Paxton knew back then was a very different person to who he was now. When Liam was in the first year of college, he was violently raped in New York and it changed him forever. He deferred his enrolment and came home to his parents to recover, and Paxton came to visit him every day. It was during that time he moved in with Zander and his room mates in central London so he could be near Liam. Paxton took a gap year, deciding not to go straight into college because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Instead of travelling, he stayed and got a part time job pulling pints in a pub near Liam's parents' place.

Soon, Liam did return to New York to resume his studies to be a doctor, always having had an ambition to be a surgeon. Paxton enrolled in a Tourism and Hospitality Management degree at university, simply because it was something to do while he got work experience in London. Zander had already commenced university studies to become a nurse, and it was during this time Zander hooked up with an intriguing and mysterious guy from New York called Lewis Sheldon. Paxton knew that Zander fell hard for Lewis, and even if they saw each other and had frequent hook-ups, they never dated. In fact, Lewis was oblivious to Zander's feelings because Zander never told him and then had to watch while Lewis went on to hook up with an Oncology medical student not long before he, himself, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Paxton liked Lewis, but he never got to know him very well. They were ships passing in the nights at the same apartment, and he was shocked to hear Lewis was diagnosed with cancer. Zander, being the amazing person he is, took care of Lewis right through his treatment, and then they lost touch when Lewis went back to New York and wasn't good on keeping up communication.

Paxton helped his brother through a broken heart, and soon scored a job at a popular hotel. He and Liam stayed in touch frequently, and he was over the moon when he heard Liam had fallen in love. It took a hell of a lot of Paxton's self-control not to rock up to this Damien bloke's gig in London after they broke up and boot him up the arse so hard, he fell off the stage and died a miserable death. Yes, Paxton was that protective of his BFF. Liam asked him to steer clear, and he respected that.

Paxton has never really been content with his life. He always feels like he wants more, and although he dated on and off, he knows he has never fallen in love. Recent news came that Liam's clinical depression had exacerbated to the point he tried to commit suicide, and it shocked Paxton to the core. When Liam came to London to stay with his family once again, Paxton was there for him without question. In the meantime, he accidentally got himself discovered by an American modelling agent based in New York at a London Fashion Week party where he was working as a waiter for the night. Despite the fact she took his details and wanted to book him (he had no idea how he was supposed to friggen model), King of Fashion, Paris Hart, took ill at the party and everyone was distracted from there on.

Paxton's not quite sure what direct his life is supposed to take, but he knows that now he nearly lost Liam, the time has come for him to not take anything for granted anymore, and maybe even a move to New York himself might be on the cards...

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